Berlin, Germany



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Born in West Germany in 1983, Aaaron started collecting & playing Vinyl at the age of 15. One Year later he bought his first sampler and started producing. Moving to Berlin in 2003 expanded his knowledge to electronic dance music. Berlin was start-of-the-art for genres like House & Minimal Techno back in these days.

Sharing the same approach in Sound aesthetics and Vision in House music, and playing the same Clubs it he became friends with Rampa & in 2013 and they started the Vinyl-only Label „aRARthing“ that sadly only had one EP released. Today they still have a strong connection and sharing productions or working together as Aaaron released a couple times on`s Label „Younion“ and „LSF+“ and beeing Part of first the Keinemusik Edition Publishing and later „The Party is over“ Publishing.

His first House EP „Feeling this“ was released in 2013 on Defected Records. A year later, in 2014, he released another EP on Defected Records called „What makes you itch“.

Becoming friends with the legendary UK HipHop Crew „Stereo MCs“ he started releasing his works together with his friend and production partner „Deckert“ on their imprint „Connected“ for a couple years following Releases on Labels like Cocoon, Bedrock, Get Physical.

In 2020 he released the track „2020 Souls“, that Dixon was already playing for some months, on Innervisions that he kept playing for another Year in almost every DJ Set. Dixon and Kristian from Ame became fans of his sound and started to play almost every track he released.

4 Years later he released his Remix for Ede & Deckert`s Track „Immer“ on Gerd Jansons Label „Running back“ with the Vocals of German Pop Singer „Drangsaal“.

His sound in his Production and DJs Sets was always inspired by the raw, gritty and dusty Hiphop from the 90s Sampling Era and percussive House & World Music. Mixed with Hypnotic Synth Melodies and melancholic Piano Chords brings you that unique flavor for Future Classics in the Electronic Music Genre.