DJ & Live Act

Arash Shadram

Zurich, Switzerland


Arash Shadram

Exclusive Booking in Europe and Middle East.

Starting as part of the duo Blade&Beard in 2012 in Teheran – Iran, Arash has been influential to techno music as producer of the two. His music combined the melodic and epic into a fresh and contemporary sound. Building on his lifelong influences, his productions have drawn the attention of some of the biggest imprints in modern dance music. With his new solo project, Arash exlores new horizons and takes his production to the next level.

Arash entered the techno scene in Europe, Asia and America in with the documentary movie “Raving Iran”, showing the restrictions Blade&Beard faced in Iran and their journey to the Streetparade festival in Zurich, Switzerland.

With Blade&Beard, Arashs’ music had an eclectic influence, including releases on labels like Three Hands Records, DNC Limited, Prisma Techno and the bands’ own label Futurist. Their productions have been featured in sets from DJs like Mind Against, Fideles, and many more. In 2018, Blade&Beards ‘Moving the Moon’ EP was number 1 in the Resident Advisor DJ Charts. This EP gained a lot of attention and was widely played all over the world.

With Blade&Beard, Arash played in a number of festivals including Tomorrowland (Belgium), Fusion Festival (Germany), Streetparade (Switzerland), Lighthouse Festival (Croatia), IMI (Singapore), etc., as well as many clubs all around the world.

Consistently striving for a sound that is timeless yet innovative, Arash Shadram has exciting plans in the up-coming future.