Cee ElAssaad

Casablanca, Morocco



Cee ElAssaad

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Cee ElAssaad is a DJ and Producer currently making his mark on the global music game. Drawing inspiration from the exotic plains of his home country Morocco, his style is distinctly organic and oozing with originality. Each piece he creates is intricately crafted to perfection, right down to each individual drum. House, afrobeat, soul, jazz and hip-hop are his main influences, as he fuses together a flurry of genres to create something fresh and distinctly his.

The rapidly rising DJ has been bringing his astonishing anthems to the world for over ten years now. He got his start as a bedroom DJ, eventually going on to tour the world through his craft. He’s always had respect for the greats and has meticulously studied his profession to a near science. The artist cites Larry Levan, David Mancuso, Ron Hardy, Frankie Knuckles and Fran├žois K as some of his biggest idols. All his hard work and studying has definitely paid off, with him signing to a number of legendary labels including Stereo Productions, Ibadan Records, Yoruba Records, Connected Frontline, Tribe Records and King Street Sounds, just to name a few

The young musician first got into music as a child. He would listen to a diverse range of genres and was enthralled by its ability to truly touch his soul. For him it’s a way to express his deep innermost emotions for all the world to see. He’s highly eclectic in his style, opting to blur the line between a large spectrum of different genres. He believes in creative freedom and hopes to bridge the gap between different types of music and bring his listeners on a journey through vibrant soundscapes and emotion-drenched feelings.

To date, the DJ has put out a string of successful releases that have seen him grow a small yet dedicated following worldwide. He launched into 2020 with a collaboration track with the iconic house producer Antonio Ocasio, which topped the afro house chart on Traxsource. Following this release he was contacted by top-tier label “Ibadan Records” to work on a remix for their A&R ‘Janne Tavi’. As a lifelong fan of their catalog, he was elated to gain the opportunity to work with them. One of his most notable releases is “LoMhlaba” a collaboration with acclaimed singer-songwriter “Thandi Draai” that was released on Stereo MC’s label “Connected Frontline”. He was also contacted by “Stereo Productions” to craft a remix of one of their fan favourites. With a number of tracks raring to be released this year, the up and comer is well on his way to make a serious impact 0n the world wide music scene.