Berlin, Germany



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The proactive musical journey of present day poly genrist Deckert kicked off by joining a postcore teenage angst band in the eyeliner painted emo era of the mid 2000s. Quickly his interests longed beyond cliche soaked heartbreak lyrics and the transition from guitars to electronics began with the help of a new wave of indietronic and the french tsunami of new rave which built a comfortable bridge between the old and the new world.

Quickly after attending the first rave all nighters Deckert felt unsatisfied with the lack of underground electronic parties in his native Ruhr area, gathered some likeminded friends and altogether they stomped some sunday midday dancefloor matinees out of the ground. Due to the absence of any kind of booking budget this is where the first ever attempts at DJing started.

Following some twists of fate in 2008 Deckert joined the lineup of Germany’s notorious pop enfant terrible ‚Jennifer Rostock‘ as a bass player for the coming 10 years. Besides an endless amount of touring this career choice included the movement of his center of life to Berlin providing an internship in the concrete depths of the techno capital.

The interest in this kind of music and the ever evolving surrounding scene never cooled off. After becoming close friends with DJ and producer ‚Aaaron‘, Deckert gathered interest in crafting his own electronic endeavors. Their first collaboration ‚L.D.O.E.‘ became an instant success in 2017 and secured them a place in the heart of the roster of ‚Connected‘, the label run by UK’s legendary ’Stereo MCs’.

Many joint releases followed on acclaimed labels like ‚MoBlack‘, ‚Frau Blau‘ and ‚LSF21+‘, escorted by countless remixes, tracks and solo EPs on ’Stil vor Talent’, ‚Out Of Options‘ and ‚Radikon‘, just to name a few.

From 2023 on Deckert established a promising joint venture with rising whizz kid ‚Ede‘, resulting in the international post punk electronica smash hit ‚Immer‘ which got picked up by Gerd Janson’s very own imprint ‚Running Back‘. The track became a regular closing track in Berlin’s infamous ‚Panoramabar‘ and slipped onto the USB-Sticks of countless major league DJs. The new found duo is set to deliver further follow up releases on some of the finest labels in contemporary techno and already played sprawling sets in mythical locations like ‚Sisyphos‘ or ‚Watergate‘.

Furthermore the multi instrumentalist is one half of the electronic liveact ‚Deorbiting‘ with a constant output on Oliver Koletzki’s label.

Deckert’s diverse DJ-sets offer a sparkling variety in between organica, indie and melodies, sometimes seen with rare trance ascendents. The passionate performer keeps a steady eye onto the given crowds and circumstances, already having spread fancy footworks over dancefloors in destinations all over the globe like Tokyo, Istanbul, Croatia and Tulum.