Max & Dana

Miami, USA


Max & Dana

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Max & Dana are a Miami based duo suddenly crashing into the melodic house and techno scene. These life long musicians and producers DJ’d heavily in the club and festival circuit of the east coast before starting their collaboration project, bringing decades of experience together. This has allowed them to craft their own sonic signature in their productions.

2024 has been an incredible start for them. Their track “Release Yourself” was featured in Beatport’s Best Melodic Hype of the month and took the #1 position on Dear Deer Black. Their follow-up single “Seventh Day” broke the Melodic Techno top 10/Beatport top 100 on its 3rd day, out performed globally renowned DJs for weeks, and has remained on the charts ever since. It’s seen support from Tiesto, Alesso, Korolova, Layton Giordani, Layla Benitez, and many more DJs around the world. With a rapidly growing social media presence and catalogue of upcoming releases representing their best work yet, this journey is just beginning.