Munich, Germany



Available Worldwide Exclusive

At the core of Afro House, Deep House, Melodic House and Organic House Music. Munich based artist DJ Soñadora is someone who blends different sounds, styles and scenes with melodic ease.

“It`s not just a string of sounds, it`s about how the music takes you into a deeper journey”.

Soñadora started out as resident at P1 Munich in 2022-supporting big DJs like Kasango, Baron, Ameme and many more.

She had the opportunity to open for Argy at a private event in Munich.

Her first EP was released on Switch Lab on November 17th.

In January “Paca” was released on the Label Wired. Two more tracks will be released on Lekke Records in the first half of the year.

An EP with Daniel Rateuke will be released on the other side of the Moon. Many other tracks planned for this year.

In January she made her debut at Alma in Paris where she has also been bocked several Times and she opened the MAJA event in the Austrian Alps.

Soñadoran’s tour schedule includes the following shows to date: Los Amantes, Madrid, Alma, Paris, Sechser, Vienna two times, Fortuna Irgendwo, Frankfurt,Vibrancy Festival, Black Forest, Flow Beach, Dhermi, Skybar, Casablanca & Rabat.

Upcoming Shows are at Klein Garten, Istanbul, Wet Stories, Santorini with Pablo Fierro, NOHO, Hamburg and the Paradise Now in Düsseldorf.

The following shows have already been confirmed for 2024: Klein Garten, Istanbul, NOHO, Hamburg, The Paradise Now, Düsseldorf, Wet Stories, Santorini with Pablo Fierro more dates TBA.

Let yourself be enchanted by the wonderful sound of Soñadora.